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The First (and Therefore Most Awesome) Post From Your Mod

It is a fact, universally acknowledged, that regala_electra loves to cook. And slaughter literary quotes. However she loves cooking a bit more.

As this is the first post, I shall explain How It All Came To Be.

jennem forcedconvinced me to visit her in Texas. I was in the lovely company of not only that adorable darling, but also dawnydiesel, eleniangel, gatorjen, and nariya. During my time there, I cooked, I was horrified that they don't sell Perdue chicken in Texas, and I totally got the hang of jennem's kitchen.

After one meal, the idea of a food_chorus was brought up (and all the potential functions will be explained later on in this post and are now posted in the mmm_cooking info page). I offered to set it up, and here it is, and here you are. In a totally virtual way of course, unless you are standing behind my back and oh my god, what was that noise?

Ah, just the clacking of a keyboard. Alright then.

So after polling my flist with every little detail, including the name, I have devised the bestest food/cooking community ever, and yes, they are tons of other lj cooking/food communities, for their love is so canon, but that doesn't matter.

For this one is friendly, snarky, and totally meant to be fun, even when we're being food snobs. (Heck, we should be at our friendliest when we’re being snobs just to disarm people.)

Try the Mmmm Cooking Manifesto, it's delicious!Collapse )

Also, here are a couple of general rules I just made up on the spot:

Wherein I Lay the Smack Down (gently on a bed of lettuce)Collapse )

Questions? Comments? Just want to say hello? Go right ahead.

I may set up next week to be about posting food/cooking related memories, what you grew up eating, what you remember about cooking, but as for now, let us just revel in delicious, delicious cooking. Mmmm.

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